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Paloma Cocktail Kit


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Hey Kids, don’t make a scene – BE the scene.

Your friends will be buggin’ for this incredible innovation. The Paloma, Spanish for “dove” is a traditional classic Tequila-based Cocktail. But this Box on the Rocks™ beauty is made with Mezcal instead of Tequila.

The word “Mezcal” comes from the Aztec word Mexcalli, which combines metl (meaning maguey, also known as agave) and ixcalli (meaning cooked). The literal translation is “cooked agave.” The Mezcal gives this honey of a drink the smokey, sultry and crave-able flavor that will give your palate wings to fly away to the depths of Southwest Mexico.

Your kit also comes with a fun recipe for a classic Salty Dog and the Perrito or “Salty Puppy Dog” Mocktail. Take a peek inside

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