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Mai Tai / Zombie Cocktail Kit


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Oh, how we love our Tropical Classics. Gather round all you crazy kids and let’s learn about the grooviest drink of them all – the Mai Tai.

Maita’I is a Tahitian word for “good” or “excellence,” and this is the word that Carrie Guild used to describe the Cocktail when she took her first sip. So, the gang decided to officially name their invention the Mai Tai. The actual recipe was claimed to have come from Victor J. Bergeron in 1944 but Donn Beach aka “Don the Beachcomber” also staked his claim for the invention back in 1933. Either way, thanks boys for the yummiest of all yummy concoctions.

What makes the Mai Tai a classic Cocktail you ask? Well, it’s because of the base. When you combine certain types of Rum, Citrus juice, Orange Liqueur, and a syrup like Orgeat, you get a classic Tropical known as the Mai Tai. And from the Mai Tai sprang so many incredible Tiki-themed drinks. All hail to the Tiki craze because this Cocktail Kit is going to take you on a true Caribbean adventure full of Palm Trees, Pirates, and beautiful Rum concoctions.

Best of all, the Bar Tool is a ceramic Zombie Tiki Vessel just in time for Halloween. It’s “spoo-tiki-ki-ki-ki…” Take a peek inside

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