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Tropical Margarita Edition Cocktail Kit


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No matter the weather, this beauty is designed to warm your heart and keep you longing for summertime bliss. Designed to be just a bit naughty, our Tropical Red Bull® Margarita will have you wishing for the warm days of summer, a bit of libation at the pool and perhaps after a few of these babies it will be bathing suit optional.

Let’s lay it on ya. This fabulous concoction is based off the classic Margarita but offers so much more in a glass. Best served with Casamigos® Blanco Tequila, the base recipe features Cointreau®, Barmalade® Blood Orange Guava Mix, ReaLime® Lime Juice and finally topped with Red Bull® Yellow Edition Tropical for that extra kick. And of course, it wouldn’t be completely tropical without the Pineapple and Maraschino garnish. It’s yummy, yum, yum for the tummy, tum, tum.

The secondary recipe has a bit of a tropical Mojito spin with Captain Morgan® Original Spiced Rum, Monin® Mojito Mix, ReaLime® Lime Juice and Barmalade® Blood Orange Guava. And the Tropical Cooler Mocktail features Barmalade® Blood Orange Guava, Dole® Pinneapple Juice and is topped with Red Bull® Yellow Edition Tropical.

No matter your craving, this Kit is pure sunshine in a box. Bottom’s up friends….and maybe even “tops off” (wink, wink). Take a peek inside

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