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Known as a Classic Highball Cocktail, this genius of a drink made simply of Gin and Tonic poured over ice serves as the base of something magical.

Where’s the magic you ask? It’s all in the garnish, mixer additions and the ratio of Gin to Tonic. This Classic Cocktail has a long and complex history. First the history of Gin, claimed to have been invented in the 16th century in the UK. And then there’s Tonic water, primarily used to protect against Malaria because it originally was infused with heavy amounts of Quinine, an extract from the South American Cinchona tree. This tree is also known as the “Fever Tree” because its bark was able to stop chills and known to cure and prevent Malaria. Years later, the Tonic has much less Quinine and has been sweetened a bit to make the combination much more palatable. And the Gin category has become a global sensation with Gin’s coming from several countries and possessing many different taste profiles. Both products have come a long way.

This Gin & Tonic Kit is designed provide a classic experience with a fun twist using Hibiscus as the main flavoring agent. Then there’s the beautiful and tasty Hibiscus flower as your garnish. Try building on your experience by trying new and exciting flavors along with your Hibiscus base. We included fun items like All Spice Berries and dried Rosemary. You can also use spices like Pink Peppercorns, Star Anis pods or Citrus peals. Your options are endless.

Our featured recommended Spirit is London-based Tanqueray No. TEN® Gin. This iconic Gin is heavier in Juniper and possesses a more robust Gin profile. But if you prefer something a little more subtle and American, we suggest Bluecoat® American Dry Gin. And surprise, surprise; our Mocktail features the ever-popular non alcoholic Seedlip® Grove 42. No matter what you’re in the mood for, this Kit has all the goodies to enjoy a beautiful summer day by the pool or on the patio dreaming of exotic places. Take a peek inside

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