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Tropical Sangria Kit


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The Sangria is a historic drink. Dating back to 200 B.C., this innovation was enjoyed by the Romans who used Red Wines from Spain. It was the Romans that began naming this “punch-like” concoction the Sangria. Sangria, the Latin word for “blood” was used because of the Red Wine base in the batch. Over a century later, this invention became popular in Europe as French Bordeaux wines were chosen as the base.

Many decades later, Sangrias can be found with Red and White Wine being used as the base and many boast different flavor profiles and themes. This Kit features our personal spin on the Tropics. We’ve developed a lovely summertime theme using a Sauvignon Blanc as the base and adding Rum, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Amaretto, Mango and Pomegranate flavors.

Our featured recommended Wine and Spirits in the Tropical Sangria Kit include Wente Louis Mel Sauvignon Blanc 2021 and Don Q® Cristal Rum. The Tropical Sangria is the featured recipe and as a fun summertime bonus, we’ve included two delicious Daiquiri recipes for you as well. The Island Daiquiri features the Don Q® Cristal Rum, Monin® Mango Syrup, Dole® Pineapple Juice and REALime® Juice and the Shoreside is the same without the Rum.

This refreshing and Tropical inspired Kit comes complete with:

2 cans of Grapefruit Juice

2 cans of Pineapple Juice

2 each of Monin® Amaretto and Mango Syrups

1 Monin® Pomegranate Syrup

1 bottle of REALime® Lime Juice

2 Packs of Dardamin’s Dehydrated Fruit (Lime & Pineapple)

10 Cinnamon sticks

And your specialty Bar Tool is a Microplane for grating your Cinnamon

You can also use your Microplane for grating fresh Citrus rind into your drinks for that special essence.

So, get into the summertime spirit, breakout your Punch Bowl, whip up a batch of Tropical Sangrias and invite the friends over for a roaring good time. And if paradise is what you’re in the mood for, don’t forget to try the Island and Shoreside Daiquiri’s. Take a peek inside

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