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The “Old Fashioned” was the name people called Cocktails back in the day. They’d say, “I want my Cocktail the Old Fashioned way.” Which basically translated into a Spirit of choice with some Sugar, Bitters and Water. And somewhere along the way, the term ended up being the actual name of its original recipe.

Our featured recommended Spirit in the Classic Old Fashioned Kit includes Maker’s Mark® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky. And our Zero Proof recommendation for the Fools Gold Mocktail is Ritual Zero® Proof Whiskey Alternative. In addition to the hero Honey & Orange Old Fashioned, we’ve got a fun spin with the Gold Rush and the Fools Gold Mocktail is a perfect twist on the lead recipe without the alcohol.

This classic inspiration comes complete with:

- 1 jar of BOTR Clover Blossom Honey

- 1 jar of Dirty Sue Whiskey Cherries

- 2 bottles of REALemon® Lemon Juice

- 1 bottle of Aromatic Bitters

- 2 Packs of Dardamin’s Dehydrated Fruit (Orange)

- And your specialty tool is a 2-inch Square Ice Mold so you can make the perfect Ice Cube for your recipes

And if you want to get really fancy, add some of your Dehydrated Orange Wheels to the water when making your Ice Cubes.

So, let’s all raise our glass to 1880 and thank the Master Mixologists of yore. Say Cheers to the Old Fashioned being born and let’s make Cocktails the Old Fashioned way. Take a peek inside

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